PLRC6 Conference

Dr. Jayesh Shah MD (Hom)
Topic: Understanding integrating and meditation into 5 brains

Dr. Rajashekhar Potluri
Topic: Realising the eternal validity and multidimensional nature of the soul in regression work

Dr. Preeti Kohli
Topic: Sacred Femenine- From Repression to Liberation

Mrs. Lorna and Mr. John Jackson
Topic: Advanced Therapeutical Treatment for Past Life Regression & How to facilitate healing of a current life issue that originates in past lives

Kiran Anumalasetty
Topic: The Art of “Observing” the Future – A Fresh Look at PLR in Light of Quantum Physics.

Hitesh & Shubhangi Vashisht
Topic: Joining Hands with Wounds – Pathway to Radical Transformation

Haritha Nayak
Topic: Dreams and Past Life Memories - a connection to the inner universe.

Medha Stephen
Topic: Using surrogacy to provide PLR Therapy to patients – Good for patients with degenerative diseases or critical illnesses or mental illnesses or severe substance addictions

Geeti Bhojnagarwala and Saurabh Madan
Topic: A travelogue of childhood memoirs … its payback time folks!!! Healed Inner children inspire us towards our current life purpose.

Dr. Sharmila Dhobale
Topic: Co-Creation of Reality of self with Mother

Sophia Roy Choudhury
Topic: Dreaming our World into Being-Co-Creation from a Shamanic Perspective

Mala Raja
Topic: Unconventional methods to awakening /healing/regression

Dr. Divya Chhabra
Topic: PLR for Rational Agnost