Wissam Awad Workshops in India

There is exciting news to share. Wissam Awad, international trainer from the renowned Past Life Regression Academy (PLRA) of England, will be bringing the PLRA Hypnotherapy and Regression Therapy certified training programmes to Mumbai, India for the first time. Wissam Awad was a speaker at both the ARRR Conference and the 7th Annual Congress of Spiritual Scientists in India in 2014.

If you want to deepen your practical skills and confidence as a Regression Therapist, this is an ideal opportunity. The PLRA offers an intensive training program with student mentoring throughout to train you to the highest European standards of Regression Therapy.

The programme commences with the Hypnotherapy training in November 2015 and will be followed by the 4 modules of Advanced Regression Therapy Training which span approximately 12 months.

For the full Course Prospectus and the Registration Forms, please visit the Past Life Regression Academy website www.RegressionAcademy.com or www.PastLifeRegressionTraining.in

“I am excited to bring this training programme to India for the first time. India has been in my heart since experiencing profound personal transformation on my travels here and I am honoured to now share these life-changing techniques,” says PLRA trainer Wissam Awad


There are three training programmes - each one is a stand-alone qualification and is designed to develop the skills needed for the subsequent training:

1. Hypnotherapy Certified Training – 19 – 22 November 2015
  • This will allow you to work professionally with clients as a Hypnotherapist
  • Places are limited to 18 students so each student receives personal supervision and guidance from the trainer(s)
  • Learn the foundation skills required to apply for the Regression Therapy training. However, if you are already conducting past life regression sessions then you can apply directly to the next level, the Regression Training
2. Regression Therapy Certified Training – starting April 2016
  • A thorough, intensive training which will equip you to deal with any Client issues*
  • Places are limited to 15 students so each student receives personal supervision and guidance from the trainer(s)
  • Giving and receiving supervised sessions gives you an opportunity to heal yourself at the deepest emotional, spiritual and physical levels
  • Equips you with the tools to set up a professional practice and work with clients
  • Includes past life, current life, inner child, Body Therapy, ancestral work, and spirit attachments to name but a few
  • Consists of four workshops over 12 months with student supervision/mentoring between the workshops
3. Life Between Lives (LBL) Spiritual Regression Certified Training – 2017 date TBC
  • This is the culmination of the PLRA Training Programmes
  • Learn how to guide clients to access their Soul’s memories prior to the current incarnation
  • Help clients gain valuable insights into their Life Purpose in the current life
  • Benefit from your own LBL session during the training


International trainer Wissam Awad will be coming from London, England to run these courses.
Class sizes will be small to ensure that each student receives the highest level of training and support:
The PLRA’s Regression Training has been running in Europe for over 15 years. It is a professional program to train therapists to the highest European standard of Regression Therapy. This is an international training program being run in England, USA, Italy, Romania, Turkey and Mexico. All the Training Programs are accredited and will allow you to join related professional associations on graduation.

For the full Course Prospectus and the Registration Forms, please visit the Past Life Regression Academy website: www.RegressionAcademy.com or www.PastLifeRegressionTraining.in


To be informed about the next free Webinar and for those interested in the training, please email PLRAIndia@gmail.com

* There are notable exclusions such as schizophrenic clients or those on a high level of antidepressants